Anxiety Therapy – 4 Signs You’re an Overthinker

Anxiety Therapy - 4 Signs You're an Overthinking, Talking Works Counseling Services in NYC

What is overthinking? 

Overthinking is a constant battle between you and your thoughts, which anxiety therapy is a very useful to treat for. As a result, it feels like you can’t shut your brain off or make a straight decision. You’re overanalyzing, second guessing, and questioning everything.  This is common among people with anxiety and why people seek anxiety therapy. 

Common Signs of Overthinking 

  1. Constantly Reminding Yourself About Your Mistakes
    1. What if I had done this? What is I had done that? What’s done is done. Reimagining what you did wrong won’t help anyone. You learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again. 
  1. You dwell on the past or worry about the future
    1. You can’t time travel, so why are you wasting the precious time you have now worrying about the past and future? As much as it hurts, the past isn’t coming back and you can’t see the future. With this in mind, live your life in the present. 
  2. Imagining the worst-case scenario or outcome
    1. You may think you’re preparing yourself by planning ahead for the worst-case scenario. In contrast, you just increase your anxiety levels. When you start overthinking stop yourself by taking a breath or writing down your thoughts. 
  3. You’re asking everyone for their advice or opinions 
    1. While it’s fine to ask a close friend for their advice on some matters, you shouldn’t be asking everyone you know. Instead, you need to value your opinion and trust yourself. At the end of the day, it’s your decision to make.

How does overthinking affect you?

Overthinking affects how your social engagements. It also affects your experiences such as getting in the way of important decision making, enjoying the present, and drains you of your energy.

Constantly having negative thinking patterns takes a toll on not just your mental health leading to anxiety and depression. 

Anxiety and depression can create immediate symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Changes in appetite

Equally important, it takes a toll on your physical health by increasing the risk of high blood pressure which can lead to cardiovascular issues down the line.

How can anxiety therapy help with overthinking?

Overthinking is often a symptom of a mental health issue and can be treated with anxiety therapy by a licensed therapist. In effect, your therapist will teach you coping skills, help you improve your interpersonal skills, and practice self-acceptance. As a result, you’ll start feeling more in control of your brain, thoughts, and feelings.

How to start anxiety therapy in NYC?

If you’re looking for more guidance in getting your overthinking under control, or to treat any mental health issues you may have, we are here to help you!

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