Couples & Marriage Counseling

Finding someone to love is a magical thing, but no one is exempt from problems in their relationships.

Your relationship is worth fighting for, and you can find solutions when you do couples or marriage counseling with us. The benefits are very well worth the effort of doing couples therapy. Talking Works offers relationship counseling in NYC to couples going through rough patches.

Couples argue for many reasons. Some of the most common problems are communication issues, finances, infidelity, sexual dissatisfaction, power struggles and more. It helps to use professional help to overcome the problems.

Our relationship counseling in NYC allows for a safe space where each partner can discuss their concerns and talk about their feelings in a safe environment. Through this process, the couple can start understanding each other better and the relationship can begin to improve.

Our therapists are qualified and ready to work with couples and marriage partners!

Stressful events and circumstances in life can cause problems for couples. Some examples of such stressful situations are:

  • Planning a wedding
  • Buying a new home
  • Expecting and having a baby
  • Conflicts with other family members
  • Losing a job and unemployment
  • Grief and loss

Don’t let bad circumstances harm your relationship and drive a wedge between you and your loved one.

Seeking the help of a therapist can allow you to create new ways of communicating, to share about what is bothering you, and to learn about how to protect your loving relationships.

When you work with Talking Works Counseling, our therapists will help you to remember the reasons you fell in love with each other.

While things can happen to you and your partner that may make you question your relationship, there is a way to get yourself back into a healthy, loving relationship. Our goal is to help you achieve that.

Make your first appointment for our relationship counseling in NYC. You will learn about the common causes of problems and much more about all aspects of couples and marriage therapy.

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