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Anxiety Therapy – 4 Signs You’re an Overthinker

What is overthinking?  Overthinking is a constant battle between you and your thoughts, which anxiety therapy is a very useful to treat for. As a result, it feels like you can’t shut your brain off or make a straight decision. You’re overanalyzing, second guessing, and questioning everything.  This is common among people with anxiety and why people seek anxiety therapy.  Common Signs of Overthinking  Constantly Reminding Yourself About Your MistakesWhat if I had done this? What is I had done that? What’s done

Mental Health Productivity- 5 Improvement Tips

For many of you, you spend most of your day at work and productivity is important for work and your goals. But when we lack off on our mental health, our productivity tends to lack off as well. If you’ve been feeling off, focus on improving your mental health productivity and add self-care practices to prioritize your mental well-being. Here’s 5 tips we suggest you do before work to improve your mental health productivity Stay Somewhere Quiet The most important part of your

5 Ways to Help Your Loved One – Depression Treatment

You can’t fix your loved one’s problems. But there are other ways to help them get through a depressive time. Depression Treatment in NYC is available, but here’s some ways to help your loved one outside of therapy. Talk to them  Let your loved one know that you are there for them however you can be. It’s important to not let depression be a taboo subject in order for your loved one to know they can trust you. Be an active listener

Couples Counseling NYC – 5 Signs of A No Effort Relationship

In order for relationships to thrive, healthy habits need to be established between you and your partner. You can’t rely on your partner to make all the effort. Relationships require work on both sides, but if you’re noticing there is a lack of connection it’s important to learn how to communicate more effectively. Couples counseling can be a great tool to pinpoint communication issues, but here’s 5 common signs that can tell you if there isn’t enough effort being put in

Why You Should Try EMDR Therapy

Do you ever wish you could go back in time to stop a traumatic event from happening to you? Does the memory from that event leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck? Although we can’t manipulate time, there is a treatment that we here at Talking Works provide. It’s called EMDR Therapy and it aides you in moving past painful memories and feel less debilitating. This article will explain what EMDR Therapy is and how it can help you heal. Please note that

“The Pandemic Era: New Year, New Me?”

Though last year wasn’t too long ago and changed our world, we all had a lot of time to reflect and set new goals for the year 2021.. One thing for sure is that last year taught us how meaningful our relationships are with others and how to handle ourselves in times of crisis. We learned more about ourselves in-depth than before. Therefore, entering the new year came with a plan. Whether it’s to save more time for self-care or financial

5 Honest Ways to Build Inner Strength

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Inner strength can be interpreted in many ways, but regardless of how we view it, it is directly correlated with our mental health. The pandemic is still challenging us like nothing else ever will. “When will this be over?” We all wonder. We feel exhausted waiting for the pandemic to be over. It’s time to discuss your inner strength and how you can exercise

De-stressing During COVID

The impact that coronavirus has had on the everyday aspects of our lives has been tremendous, and completely uncalled for. We were faced with new realities as the world shifted its route and took us on a journey we were all least expecting. Even through these adversities, we remained resilient as a nation, and if anything, it strengthened us and our values, and taught us more than we already knew about ourselves and what mattered to us most.


Due to COVID-19 public emergency, we are currently offering online counseling and teletherapy.