Is Online Counseling Right for You?

Online therapy is a good substitute for in-person therapy.  We will advise you if online therapy is right for you. Online mental health counseling has many benefits. Here are some reasons our clients choose online therapy to deal with their problems: 

Easier Access to Therapy

Clients may have limited mobility or limited time and cannot travel to the office. Online counseling allows them an easy way to access their therapist and participate in their sessions. Clients are able to communicate with a trained professional to work through their problems from the comfort of their home or from other places convenient to them.

More Consistent Therapy

Online therapy decreases interruptions in therapy that can happen due to commuting difficulties and other causes, like poor weather, traffic, travel, not feeling well. This option allows clients to continue participating in psychotherapy on a regular basis, even when their schedule changes and it is hard to attend a regular office appointment.

Better Access to Help

Online counseling can allow individuals in remote areas or individuals with mobility problems to get help that they need from specialists without the need to travel or commute. You can access these services anywhere you can find an Internet or telephone connection.

In addition to individual online mental health counseling, Talking Works also provides online couples counseling. Couples counseling and marriage therapy are vital at times of relationship distress. Couples counseling can effectively help the couple get through a crisis and keep the relationship going and make it stronger.

Our administrative staff is always ready to help you set up an appointment with a therapist.

Please call, text, or email and arrange to get started with a couple’s therapist.

We will be happy to connect you with the convenient service of receiving online couples counseling. Don’t delay—call, text, or email us today!



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Due to COVID-19 public emergency, we are currently offering online counseling and teletherapy.