Group Therapy – 5 Reasons You Should Try It

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Group therapy? The idea of sharing your struggles with a group of strangers sounds a bit daunting. So, then why does group therapy exist? In fact, why does a random group of strangers decide to open up and share their stories with each other? In truth, group therapy is a very rewarding experience. Participants in group therapy see a lot of benefits vs. having individual sessions with a therapist.

“I love having groups. It’s amazing to see how patients quickly ease into sessions and build a sense of family with each other,” says Dr. Lana Gaiton, director of Talking Works Counseling.

For some patients, individual therapy is very much the go-to choice for mental health treatment. Individual therapy is more private as the therapist is bound to a confidentiality agreement. For some patients, however, group therapy tends to provide extra support not just from the therapist, but from other members. 

5 Benefits of Group Therapy in NYC

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  1. You Realize You’re Not Alone – By joining a group, you get to hear others share their experiences and emotions. As a result, you get a sense of relief that you are not the only one dealing with your struggles. Therefore, you build bonds within the group and give each other support wherever possible.
  2. You Gain A Voice – The safe space provided by group therapy allows you to practice using your voice. This means even if it may be uncomfortable. For instance, you can speak unfiltered and freely, without judgment. You will be feeling many emotions and it’s important to learn how to articulate what you are feeling. This builds your confidence and your self-esteem as you learn you deserve to be heard.
  3. You See Things From Multiple Perspectives – With individual therapy, only your therapist would weigh in on your situation. In fact, you may have blind spots about yourself that you don’t realize are stopping you from being completely honest. With group therapy, however, interacting with others may uncover those blind spots. You’d have more people providing you with feedback who may have been in similar shoes and overcame the same thing.
  4. You’re More Motivated – As groups members come together, you will hear some success stories the longer you stick around. Seeing someone overcome what you are dealing with gives you the courage to do the same.
  5. You Gain Social Skills – Oftentimes, your struggles keep you from connecting with others causing anti-social tendencies. In group therapy, you practice being in scenarios by engaging with the group learning how to communicate with others. You also learn how to properly accept criticism.

How to Get The Most Out of Group Therapy in NYC

  • Keep Things Confidential – When you join a group, you’ll be asked to sign a contract. You will be asked not to disclose information outside of the group. For this reason, i ensures that you and everyone are comfortable confiding and trusting each other. This creates a more pleasant and therapeutic experience.
  • Be Willing To Participate – You’re only going to get what you put in. Even if on days where you show up, but don’t have the energy to open up, push yourself. Know that it’s for the best.
  • Open Up And Share – You don’t owe anyone anything. Sharing your thoughts and experience, however, can be someone else’s breakthrough.
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How Do I Join?

We are always looking for new group members. We have locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and we have groups online. Group Therapy is an affordable option for patients comparing to individual therapy. We have a modest fee of $40 per session.

Learn more about our group therapy here

Call or text our office at (347) 391-4250 with the type of group you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with more information.


Due to COVID-19 public emergency, we are currently offering online counseling and teletherapy.