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Adult Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is a condition that causes a person to struggle to focus on tasks, pay attention and stay organized. Although ADHD diagnosis is more common in children, adults have this disorder too. Some other conditions, such as depression or anxiety, sleep disorders, and drugs and medications, may cause symptoms similar to those of ADHD. When you work with us, we help to determine the causes of your symptoms, and we help you address all your problems. Talking Works has been providing ADHD treatment in NYC for many years.

Treatments for Adults with ADHD

There’s a variety of options for treating ADHD and ADD in adults. Combining treatments modalities can have even more positive results. These practices can help you manage the symptoms of ADHD, but they can’t fully cure it. Some examples of treatments include:

Behavior Therapies and Counseling

Medicine alone usually isn’t enough for most adults with ADHD—they often require further treatment. Behavior therapy teaches an individual how to change their routines to create structure during their days.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Specialists use this treatment to pinpoint problem behaviors and to create strategies to change them. Used in conjunction with medication, this helps people perceive aspects of their lifestyles differently and make plans to change them.


Medications are a very common treatment for ADHD; certain medications control your symptoms while limiting side effects, helping you lead a more normal life. We will help you find a psychiatrist or a doctor who will be able to prescribe the medications.


Regular exercise can help burn off extra energy that would otherwise lead to impulsivity. It also naturally boosts chemical levels in the brain as an alternative to medication. Even better, a side effect of exercise is a healthier lifestyle.

ADHD and ADD affect everyone differently. Talking Works provides adult ADD counseling that helps you manage your ADD. Contact us , or call or text or email us, to get started with receiving help, and we will connect you with our expert counselors who provide ADHD treatment in NYC.



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