Group Therapy in NYC

Talking Works group therapy in NYC typically consists of a small group of individuals who meet face to face and talk about their difficulties and the issues that bother them. Our psychotherapy groups are led by trained and experienced group therapists. These groups present a great opportunity for people who suffer from a wide variety of problems, to make positive changes, to get better, to share their feelings with others. Through this process, individuals can gain insight and receive support from people who had similar experiences. Members learn from each other, which is a very effective way of emotional learning that leads to making positive changes. We strongly believe in the effectiveness of group psychotherapy, and we have several weekly groups. These meetings are a safe place for people with similar issues to come together and support each other and heal together. We strongly recommend our group therapy in NYC as a powerful and effective therapeutic modality.

To help make your group therapy experience worthwhile and helping you with your needs, we provide all group members with:

Professional Therapists

Our trained counselors are adept at dealing with group processes, and they facilitate group discussions for maximum benefits for all group members.

Small Group Sizes

Smaller groups allow more time for each person to share and to receive more support from peers and the therapist. Everyone at our meetings decided they needed the group. Group members’ problems are often common for the whole group.

Friendly and Safe Environment

Our therapists help promote confidentiality for the group members, as it is essential for an open and safe environment. And group members appreciate and support each other, as they find that they are all fellow travelers.

Highly Effective Methods

By sharing your thoughts and feelings with members of the group, and from receiving recognition and support, you begin to feel more worthy as an individual. This leads to increased self-esteem, self-acceptance and builds hope and happiness.

Please feel free to reach out to us about our groups!

Please call, text or email us, or submit an online form. We can provide you with more information on our current groups and connect you with receiving group therapy in NYC. We look forward to hearing from you.



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