Couples Counseling NYC – 5 Signs of A No Effort Relationship

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In order for relationships to thrive, healthy habits need to be established between you and your partner. You can’t rely on your partner to make all the effort.

Relationships require work on both sides, but if you’re noticing there is a lack of connection it’s important to learn how to communicate more effectively. Couples counseling can be a great tool to pinpoint communication issues, but here’s 5 common signs that can tell you if there isn’t enough effort being put in by your partner.

They leave it to you to initiate communication

Is your partner doing all the work? Do you make an effort to start communicating with your partner? While some people are just better communicators, your partner should not be the only one to keep in touch or get you to acknowledge their existence. If they do not initiate communication, would you and your partner go days without talking or seeing each other?

Both you and your partner need to want to connect with one another in order for the relationship to keep moving forward.

In couples counseling, your therapist may suggest bringing up sensitive topics to your partner, talking to them about your day, or asking questions.

They’re too busy to make you a priority

We all get busy with life, but you chose your partner because they are important to you. So if someone is important  you make an effort to spend time with them. If spending time with your partner is low on your list of priorities that’s an indication that something is wrong.

If your partner stops feeling like they are an important part of your life, this can cause strains in the rest of your relationship. Relationships cannot thrive on neglect.

Thinking about putting effort into your relationship leaves you exhausted

Trying to connect with your partner should spark joy within you. But if the idea of simply speaking or sitting next to your partner brings you disdain, something’s not right. This most likely means there has been a breakdown in communication.

You stop noticing little things about your partner

Didn’t notice the new outfit or haircut? To your partner it feels like you haven’t looked at them in ages.

This can make your partner feel like you haven’t been paying attention to them. It can make them feel lonely and unimportant. 

Be more present with your partner. Put your phone down, turn off the TV, and engage with your partner.

You are not doing activities together anymore

Instead of staying in and watching Netflix or playing video games, find common interests and spend time out together. Your date-nights shouldn’t be non-existent. You both need to be planning intimate, romantic times. Don’t let the mundane day-to-day routines take over your life. Make the effort with your partner to bond and build  your emotional intimacy.

Doing happy activities together strengthens the bond with each other.

How can Couples Counseling improve my relationship?

Couples counseling is designed to help both partners communicate better, rebuild trust, and address issues that you may not be aware are impacting the relationship in a negative way. The therapist will help both partners gain insight on their relational dynamic that is essentially causing the rift. Couples counseling encourages partners to gain a better sense of value from love, comfort, and support that stems from a secure relationship.

It’s important to note that once insight is provided, behaviors then have to change if you want to improve the relationship. Your couple’s counselor may assign homework to apply the skills you’ll learn during your sessions.

How can I schedule Couples Counseling in NYC?

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