Elizabeth Owens

Elizabeth Owens


Elizabeth holds her Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. She has experience working with young adults and adults who are struggling with a variety of problems. She is experienced in working with anxiety, depression, PTSD, relational challenges, body image, self-esteem, narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, and more.

She works from a psychodynamic perspective and believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship. She strives to be an ally for each of her clients as they face life’s ups and downs.

Elizabeth leads with an open heart and aims to create a safe space for her clients during their sessions. She works to empower her clients by validating them and helping them understand their feelings and experiences.

She recognizes how challenging it can be to take the first step in starting therapy. She is committed to making you feel welcomed and cared for from the first session.


Due to COVID-19 public emergency, we are currently offering online counseling and teletherapy.