Artur Lebiedzinski

Artur Lebiedzinski


Artur is an experienced Mental Health Counselor (MHC-LP) who has successfully completed his Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. With a commitment to his clients’ well-being, he brings a compassionate approach and a rich background of experience to his work with his clients.

In his role as a dedicated psychotherapist, Artur firmly believes in the uniqueness of every individual. He understands that each person deserves personalized attention, responsiveness, and a tailored approach to treatment. His has experience working with people of different backgrounds, blending clinical expertise with a strong commitment to creating a supportive and sensitive therapeutic space.

Artur adopts an eclectic therapeutic approach, tailoring his methods to meet the specific needs of each individual. He recognizes the importance of considering personalities, historical context, and the cultural complexities. By doing so, he helps clients increase their insight and improve their understanding of their mental state, empowering them to overcome personal challenges through increased awareness and acceptance of their feelings.

He acknowledges that engaging in therapy can be an intimidating and challenging process and he helps his clients to get started on this journey. He makes the therapeutic relationship a source of safety, comfort and support for growth and healing.

Artur is bilingual, being fluent in both English and Polish.


Due to COVID-19 public emergency, we are currently offering online counseling and teletherapy.