Andy Chan

Andy Chan


Andy received his MSW from the Silberman School of Social Work with a focus on clinical practice with individuals, families, and groups. He has worked with a diverse range of population groups, ranging from adults of all ages with various socio-economic backgrounds. His background includes providing psychotherapy to those experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, and addiction.

Andy is committed to helping individuals and families navigate life’s challenges and overcome emotional and psychological obstacles. He offers a compassionate, non-judgmental, and confidential environment where clients can feel heard and understood.

With a warm and supportive approach, Andy works collaboratively with clients to identify and challenge unhelpful beliefs and behaviors, while cultivating more positive and adaptive ways of thinking and responding to life’s challenges. In addition to his training in CBT and DBT, he draws on a range of other evidence-based practices, such as mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to provide a personalized and holistic approach.


Due to COVID-19 public emergency, we are currently offering online counseling and teletherapy.